Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Musings of a Canine

I love being a dog. My life is pretty good, although not perfect. I love my humans. They take such good care of me. They forgive some of the things I do, because, after all I am a dog. Like eating all the hotdogs that were just grilled for dinner. I left one, but apparently, it was still a major boo boo. If, every once in a while, I have to wear a hoodie so they can snap a "cute" picture to show their friends, it's really no big deal.

Dogs don't get to drive vehicles. It's such a shame. We always have to ride shotgun. I feel sorry for the poor saps that hang their heads out the window into the wind. They look so stupid, ears and tongues flying all around. If only I had opposable thumbs I'd turn the ignition on in this truck and take off.

Every once in a while my human mom rocks me like a baby. Just between you and me, I like it, but then my human Dad came in, and I had to act like I was thankful to be rescued from this humiliation. But I have a secret....I'm really a lap dog.

Ahh, another modelling of clothing. If you have a human child in the house, chances are you are going to be dressed up once in a while. Actually, I think this outfit makes my butt look small.

Oh, isn't this just the cutest!!! Looks like I'm smiling. Come on people! I'm directly in the sun (without sunglasses!) and my butt is sitting on very cold snow. But I do believe a game of fetch followed, so perhaps it was worth it. I'm too easy.

This pic actually made me a little mad. I'm sitting out here, waiting to be let in. They obviously see me because they snapped a picture. Do people take a picture of you while you are waiting to enter the house???? How rude!

I didn't want my picture taken. I hadn't worked out lately and I felt a little bloated.

I had just finished watching Steel Magnolias. That movie makes me cry, everytime! I feel so sad when the St. Bernard's hair is falling out by the handful because of stress....

I was in a good mood this time. I decided, "What the heck," I'll give them one for the Christmas card.

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  1. awww, SO many pictures of sandy I have never seen! Miss her