Friday, February 19, 2010

I Think My Card Gig Is Up..............

Well, this was going to my Valentine's Day blog to tell you how wonderful my time was with my hubby. This year I wanted dinner and a movie. That might be normal for most everyone else, but my hubby is not fond of going to the movies, so we rarely go together. We went to see Dear John, which I thought was pretty good. He might have also, if he could just get past the bloopers. He doesn't watch a movie just for entertainment value, he's too much of a detail person, I guess.

But this isn't about him. This blog is about me. I going to confess something here that my husband doesn't know. I recycle greeting cards. I've done it for years and he's never caught on. One time he did notice that he "thought" he'd gotten that card before, but usually he never notices. I save every card ever given to me, and over the decades, I saved all the cards given to him by me. So when a holiday comes around, I'll pull out a card for the appropriate occasion, he'll read it, it hangs around for a few days on a table, then I put it back in the drawer and maybe it will be used again one day. It was a good plan, perhaps bordering on genius, I thought.

Until this year. This year I should have been more careful.

Here is the card and box of Godiva Chocolates my hunny gifted me with. He's always thoughtful with his cards.

Here's the front of the card I gave him. I thought with the couple dancing, it was romantic, so I just assumed it said Happy Valentine's Day inside.

However, when hubby opened the card, it said Happy Birthday Day to My Husband! He was surprised I didn't notice it when I bought it. Confession is: I didn't notice it when I pulled it out of my card drawer!

So there you go. I've confessed to one of my many vices. I can't even promise I'll never do again. Perhaps Bill even appreciates the money I've saved over the years. Then again, maybe I'll be seeing a few recycled cards myself..............:)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Angels...Not that hard, right??????

To prevent cabin fever, Cassidy and I decided to go outside on this sunny, snowy day, and make snow angels.

The backyard was all covered with snow, the perfect playground for The Lady and Kid.

The Lady and Kid were all smiles as our adventure began. What fun snow angels will be!

We shall walk up the hill to find the perfect spot!

The Lady made a snow angel, just like when she was a Kid!!!!

The snow angel looks like she's missing her head. The Lady know's she had a head on her shoulders when she laid down.

The Lady sat up and discovered she wasn't a Kid anymore. She could not get into the right postion to get back up on her feet again.

The Lady had to crawl a great distance to get back onto the flat ground of the patio to get back up again. The Lady probably won't be making her own snow angel again.

The Kid makes her snow angel with the Lady's help. She of course won't have to crawl across the yard, because she has The Lady to help her up from the supine position.

A snow angel made by a princess. The angel is perfect, just like the Kid!

The Kid fell into a deep hole. She doesn't seem to see this as an opportunity for more fun.

The Kid is very sad. Her boot has come off. Even though she has four pairs of socks on, this distresses her greatly.

Mommy had to come and rescue the Kid. The Lady was dealing with her own issues, as she had fallen down and couldn't get back up.

The Lady managed to grab the lonesome boot when she got back onto her own two feet.

The Kid is not happy about her bootless foot. Mommy will make that all better. The Lady and the Kid still had fun, but the Lady is now very sore!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm being picked on by Mother Nature......

I feel like I've been slapped down by Mother Nature. True, I made fun of being snowed-in last weekend, but I didn't realize it was a crime. This weekend I've been REALLY snowed-in. It's no joke this time. Last night I even saw lightening flashing during a period of white-out conditions. I'm being really tried on this "Cabin Fever" thing.

This is the deck outside my kitchen door. I keep thinking that I'm going to look outside, and the whole thing will have collapsed into the yard.

This is part of my front yard. The lampost has mature boxwood bushes around it. They are all completely covered. I already lost one to the December 19th snow. It split down the middle from the weight of the snow.

A pretty pic of a snow covered tree. Notice the snow drift to the left of the pic.

Billy outside to begin the Great American Digout. Or a secret Ninja mission, I forget which....

Here is a visual perspective on how much snow is on the deck. Neela loves to go outside, but couldn't figure out how to get over the wall of snow. How ironic that she is standing on a mat that says "Let It Snow."

Cassidy has been making this face at me. She has also taken to calling me Darlene instead of Grandma. Every once in a while, she just calls me Lady. I've been forgetting her name and calling her Kid. We're both going through a phase, I think.

Looking out towards the yard. The swing is to the right of the pic. The shed is in the distance.

Here is a pic of Cassidy taken last June. She is standing in almost the same space as the pic above. I miss the green trees and grass!

That hump is my car. All that you can see are parts of the sideview mirrors. Bill started to dig it out, but decided to wait till Spring thaw.

Well, I'd better head back inside. There are people waiting for me.....people I've been holed up with for far too long....wait!!!!...what's in my hand????....what does it have to do with cabin fever???? Why do I keep hearing the phrase "HERE'S JOHNNY!" in my head??????

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Snowy Day...........and Night

I've often wondered what other families do on their snowed in winter weekends. My sister Kelley cooks French gourmet meals, sets beautiful tables, has roaring fires, and then they all play board games and read books together. I thought I'd post a few pics of my family's recent snowed in weekend.

I woke up early on Saturday morning. The snow was beginning to cover the ground and make everything beautiful.

My front yard was becoming a winter wonderland. What fun it would be to be snowed in together with the ones you love.

My son Billy took this opportunity to play his drums......alot. There was no escaping the pounding beats. The natives were becoming restless.

Bill took to his recliner and pulled the blanket over his head. He came out periodically looking for food or drink, but otherwise, this is where he stayed.

Cassidy had a major meltdown and had to go lay down on her bed. She did this often during this snowy weekend away from the world.

Julie was on the couch with Cassidy lying upon her. She was taking a break from knitting thread into lace. That is for another blog though....

It was starting to get dark. Melissa and Tommy saw no reason for almost a foot of snow to alter their Saturday night date night. Melissa always dresses so appropriately for the outdoor weather.

The cats eyes were glowing from within. She was hearing the same voices I was..."Come on out you worthless pup, and take your medicine!"...........

It's now dark outside at the Overlook Hotel.....cabin fever is setting many people are really inside this place with me??????