Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg and the Simplicity of Christmas

On Sunday we attended the Grand Illumination at Colonial Williamsburg. As always, it was a good fireworks display, although it seemed shorter and not quite "As grand" as previous years. But after the lights and sites and sounds of Busch Gardens, that was okay.

It's so hard to take a photo of fireworks without it looking like the big bang theory is correct.

We attended the Christmas celebration at the Williamsburg Winery. Eight of the area's finest restaurants participate and serve their food paired with a Williamsburg Wine. You can also eat the food, but decline the wine. Here is an ice sculpture from the restaurant Williamsburg Landing that was just beautiful.

They also had a gingerbread house that had such intricate detail

On Monday morning I took a walk in Colonial Williamsburg and took some pics of wreaths and decorations that were made from real greenery and some very creative things.

Such beautiful fruit. There is more fruit in that wreath than I've ever had at any one time in my kitchen.

Here is one for the Tea Party.....

So creative...it made me think about how skewered my thinking has been about decorations for Christmas. I've always bought my decorations and never dreamed I could make something nice. Except I did make a clove covered orange once. The smell of cloves makes me sick now.

Not my "Cup of tea" but what a creative use for a deck of cards.....

I saw lots of fences lined with swags of greenery, but this was the only one I saw with a swag of onions and cranberries.....

Such creativity was displayed with fruit, nuts, berries, and greenery. It made me realize how beautiful things can be when just using nature and our God given creativity to express ourselves.

Then I went to the Christmas Mouse Store and saw this truly garish tree. It has a blue water core that bubbles, and was decorated with all these blue elves.....

Elaborate and extravagant can be beautiful, but so can natural and homemade. I'm not a very creative person, but I look at some of these wreaths and I see that it's mostly about colors and symmetry. Perhaps it's not that hard to be creative and make things that really express your own tastes. It might even be fun!

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