Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Past Week At My House

Well it has been a busy week at my house. We got home from Myrtle Beach at midnight on Saturday. I've tried to do some Christmas decorating, but have had a strange problem. There is no place at the top of the Christmas tree to place my Angel.

I bought a new Christmas tree this year. I feared moving the old one, which has spent the past year in the shed. We were completely invaded this Fall by stinkbugs, which I understand, that because of the weather, had a chance to have two matings this year. Lucky for them, I guess, but I just know that Christmas tree box is full of stinkbugs.

Anyway, I bought a new tree, and it's a strange one. First, it opens up almost like an umbrella. Secondly, there is enough room between the last row of branches and the floor to sit a toddler. My other tree had branches that almost touched the ground so it always looked like we had alot of presents under the tree.

Back to the Angel, when I went to put it at the top of the tree, there was absolutely no place to attach it, so I had to literally tie it to the top of the tree to keep it from falling.

She looks like she's levitating.....

It's quite obvious from a side view that she is impaled to the tree.

So I had a blue star from years ago that I placed on top of the tree. It looks better in real life than it does in this pic.

Of course, Neela wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

This is a 100% baby alpaca wrap that I started knitting last October. I actually thought I'd have it finished to wear last December when we went to Williamsburg, Virginia.

Fourteen months later, here it is. I can't take credit for finishing it. I knitted five skeins (50 grams each) but had to hand it off to the human knitting machine (aka: Julie) to finish for me. She had it done in a week, bless her heart. It turned out beautiful!

I had a visit from sassy Cassie and even had her, and her mommy, Julie, spend the night on Tuesday. I got to watch her at dance class, which was alot of fun.

I looked out my front door and saw this woodpecker (lower right side of the tree trunk) going to town on my Bradford Pear Tree. My Bradfords have enough trouble surviving the wind without adding this little pest to the mix. It has pecked at least a dozen nice round holes in the truck of the tree.

Hope your week has been a good one. Have fun decorating and preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday!


  1. Tree looks much better with the star!! The shawl looks wonderful, and thanks again for taking us to dance this week!!!!

    btw I love that pic of cass...hehe so cute!

  2. That cat of yours cracks me up...The shawl is beautiful. Thanks for letting us peek into your life....

  3. Your shawl is very looks great on your cat under the tree so cute.