Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas at Smallwood Retreat - And Other Randomness

The people in Colonial Williamsburg are talented, but not to be overlooked, are the very talented people who dress up General Smallwood's house every Christmas.

Here is a very short biography of who he is, from Wikipedia:

William Smallwood (1732 – February 14, 1792) was an American planter, soldier and politician from Charles County, Maryland.[1] He served in the American Revolutionary War, rising to the rank of major general. He was serving as the fourth Governor of Maryland when the state adopted the United States Constitution.

Here is some of their creativity displayed over the years.

This is a buffet top covered with natural greenery, fruit, nuts, a cranberry cone, and of course, candles.

This is one of the most beautiful, all natural tablescapes I've ever seen. You can eat the centerpiece for dessert.

I love this window all dressed up for Christmas.

Here is an another dressed up table.

Changing gears now, this is the angel that topped my very first Christmas tree in 1979. She looks so different from the elaborate angels you see today. My daughter Susan thinks she looks a little like Lucille Ball.

Since I mentioned I'm no purist, look at this beautiful wreath/swag decoration at Busch Gardens. This "simple" little decoration was behind a concession stand. Gorgeous!

I couldn't believe this tag that was sewed into a jacket. This company calls itself "Basix of America." Look beneath their logo and you see "Made in China." That company name is an embarassment........

I'll be busy this weekend baking, finishing up a knitting project, and generally just enjoying this special time of year. Hope your weekend is a wonderful one!


  1. I love that tablescape!!!! All the natural decorations are beautiful!!

    I will always remember that angle being on the charlie brown tree you used to put in the dining room!!

    (wow you posted this up at 8am!!! You were up early:-)

  2. Just read your blog..very nice,,,when i have more time going to read past blogs..thanks..

  3. Wonderful post I loved the little trivia about Smallwood...BTW the angel does look a little like Lucille Ball

  4. Blog looks great!