Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Queen Cat Exacts Her Revenge!!

The last time we saw The Queen Cat, she was locked outside of her territory by The Intruder Cat. She was so mad she was spitting nails...and willing to except any help to get back inside and resume her battle with The Intruder Cat...

"Where are my Noncats? I am Queen of an entire Colony of Noncats and there is not one to be found! At this point, I would welcome the small Noncat to open the door!"...

It was, coincidentally, a visiting day for the small Noncat. She was thrilled to be able to get so close to The Queen Cat.

"Okay, small Noncat, I didn't really mean it when I said I would welcome you to open the door...but now that you are here...OPEN THE DOOR!!"

"Hmmm, hey Queen Cat, I helped you. How about we play a game of dress-up?"

"I'd rather get a toe claw hooked on a carpet loop," said The Queen Cat.

I have business with a certain Intruder Cat. But first I shall hunker down in my under-the-bed-bunker, till the small Noncat leaves the territory. She was useful this time, but I am definately NOT playing with her!

Soon, the small Noncat left the territory, and The Queen Cat emerged from her bunker, ready for battle...

"Here I come kitty-cat...your worse nightmare, coming true!"

"Oh, hey there Queen Cat. No hard feelings right? I mean, you did have it coming..."

"You have disrepected me for the last time. From now on, wherever you are, I am. You will have no privacy, and no peace. Until the day you leave my territory, I will stalk you like prey and limit your movement. After you leave, I will haunt your dreams. I am every bad feeling you've ever had, and every fear come true."

"Sheesh, you should be called "Drama Cat" instead of "Queen Cat."

And so the days passed...The Queen Cat dogging every move The Intruder Cat made...

Sitting on a windowsill...The Queen Cat was there...

Perched on a chair, The Queen Cat was watching...

The Intruder Cat tried to hide in a laundry basket...which wasn't too bright...

The Intruder Cat tried hiding behind a makeshift barrier...but her tail let The Queen Cat know exactly where her enemy was.

Exhausted, The Intruder Cat showed her belly and begged for mercy...

"Please Queen Cat, I give up! Stop stalking my every move! I'll do what ever you say, if you will just leave me be!!"

"Then say the words I've been waiting to here from you."

Breathing heavily, The Intruder Cat uttered the words, "You are The Queen Cat of the Noncat Colony!"

"Yes I am, and it's about time you acknowledged it!"

"Now remove yourself from my presence...I am exhausted!"

"Me too! Oh, I can't wait for moving day!!"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen Indeed!!!

This past week we spent our days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was a good trip. Mostly it was to open the RV up and see if it survived the winter unattended. Because it basically hates when we visit, we've discovered that it behaves itself while we are gone, and saves all it's bad behavior for our vacations.

We did attend a sunrise service for Easter morning. It was held on the beach, and was really beautiful.

I've always loved sunrise services. There is something so meaningful about an Easter service observed at dawn. Just knowing that that is when the Marys went to the tomb and found it empty, is so relational when seeing the sunrise on Easter morning. It's different than sitting in a church on a bright spring morning and hearing the resurrection story. How wonderful to serve a risen Saviour!!!

The salt air seems to have finally cleared up my lingering bronchitis. We had good weather everyday except one. Our RV has kept it's sense of humor, and decided to torture Bill some more during this trip. I can't believe that we are the only people who own an RV whose sole purpose in life is to ruin every vacation Bill takes. In addition to being a big pain in the rear during a rainstorm (again!) it pulled a new trick this time. While we were packing and closing it up, it was hitched up and took off before we did. How many people are left at a campground without their camper? I guess it beats having it pass us on the highway like it did after our Thanksgiving trip.

On our way home, we stopped in North Carolina to visit with my mom. She is in a very nice rehabilitation center while she heals from her broken leg. She hates it there, and especially dislikes her physical therapist who happens to share a first name with me (Freudian perhaps??).

While driving down Interstate 95 we saw this field of debris that is left over from the tornadoes last weekend. My sister Kelley and her family were actually in this area and snapped some pics of the tornado as it headed towards them. Thankfully no one was hurt where they were.

These were displays for fiberglass pools that were tossed around by the tornado.

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Intruder Cat Trumps The Queen "Of Mean" Cat

I am a nice kitty. I can't help it that I am living in the Queen Cat's territory. I am at the mercy of my mommy when it comes to where I live. My mommy told me to be nice, stay out of the Queen "of mean" Cat's way, and to ignore her if she kept stalking me. I done all that and more...but I feel like I just might have to take a stand against this enemy.


Excuse me????? Did the Intruder Cat call me an enemy?? "Hey, half-wit, you are the enemy, because you are in MY TERRITORY, uninvited. You are occupying my territory, without permission, so I have every right to remove you, by any means possible!!"


And so the battle raged during a chilly, rainy Saturday. The Intruder Cat, thinking she had found a napping spot where she would be undetected by The Queen Cat, came walking out of a closet, only to find the Queen Cat was waiting already....

"Hold it right there, Intruder Cat!" If you take another step, I will have tortoise shell fur all over my claws!"

"Here we go again, Queen Cat. Go ahead, attack!!! This time I am fighting back!!" (Sorry mommy, I just HAVE to this time)...

(Edited because of graphic content)

"You are going to regret this Intruder Cat! Open this door, now!"

"When I get this door open, you are finished!"

"Where are my Noncats? I am Queen of an entire Colony of Noncats and there is not one to be found! At this point, I would welcome the small Noncat to open the door!" (Intruder Cat sees the Royal Food Bowls)...

"Finally an uninterrupted meal!"

"Ahh, so nice to stretch out with a full belly!"

"Ha ha ha, I'm so pleased with myself, I'm giddy!"

"Chuck Norris won't be able to help you when I get back will go down, and OUT!" (But first I have to get back inside!! "NONCATS, where are you??" Oh, sometimes it is so hard to be The Queen Cat!!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

This Past Week At My House

This past week I have been sick with an upper respiratory illness that I just can't seem to kick. We have been working hard to get the house ready to sell. But it seems like the more you do, the more things you discover need to be done.

I have worked on updating the look in the master bath. It was done in peach and green about 7 years ago.

Now the bath is done in taupe and aqua colors. I think it has a more updated feel to it.

I have a very dated door enclosing the shower.

I covered it with a fabric shower curtain. It gave the room a whole different look. You just pull it to the side when the shower is in use. All I need now to finish the room is hardware on the drawers and cabinets, and a new floor which will be laid whenever the downstairs bathroom is finished.

We've never added any hardware to the kitchen cabinets or drawers. I really don't know why...

This past week Bill installed brushed nickel knobs and handles on all the cabinets and drawers.

Most of the work accomplished this past week was outside. My husband's retirement energy has finally been directed to the outdoors. My backyard has a long way to go before it is "Pleasing to the eye," but this is what we've done so far...

My back fence line has always been crowded with weeds and poison ivy!!!

We spent last Saturday dumping a truckload of mulch on the area, after killing the weeds and putting down the garden plastic lining. It looks so much neater. We still have more area to do, but it's a start.

Our next outdoor project was the area in front of the patio. When the concrete was laid, it left an edge about 2 inches above the grass that was very unattractive.

On Monday we landscaped that area. As the plants grow, it will look so nice. We also added some solar lights across the front of the plants.

Another problem area in the yard, was around the air conditioner unit. It would stay wet and muddy in the summer. Bill filled in this area with river pebbles, and I think I'll look for a low sunlight bush to help camouflage the unit.

We still haven't installed the bathroom in the lower level, although all the fixtures are now sitting in the family room. Once that is done and the backyard is finished, the house should be ready to go on the market for sale.

Or, once you get your house and yard looking the way you always move...

Have a great weekend!