Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen Indeed!!!

This past week we spent our days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was a good trip. Mostly it was to open the RV up and see if it survived the winter unattended. Because it basically hates when we visit, we've discovered that it behaves itself while we are gone, and saves all it's bad behavior for our vacations.

We did attend a sunrise service for Easter morning. It was held on the beach, and was really beautiful.

I've always loved sunrise services. There is something so meaningful about an Easter service observed at dawn. Just knowing that that is when the Marys went to the tomb and found it empty, is so relational when seeing the sunrise on Easter morning. It's different than sitting in a church on a bright spring morning and hearing the resurrection story. How wonderful to serve a risen Saviour!!!

The salt air seems to have finally cleared up my lingering bronchitis. We had good weather everyday except one. Our RV has kept it's sense of humor, and decided to torture Bill some more during this trip. I can't believe that we are the only people who own an RV whose sole purpose in life is to ruin every vacation Bill takes. In addition to being a big pain in the rear during a rainstorm (again!) it pulled a new trick this time. While we were packing and closing it up, it was hitched up and took off before we did. How many people are left at a campground without their camper? I guess it beats having it pass us on the highway like it did after our Thanksgiving trip.

On our way home, we stopped in North Carolina to visit with my mom. She is in a very nice rehabilitation center while she heals from her broken leg. She hates it there, and especially dislikes her physical therapist who happens to share a first name with me (Freudian perhaps??).

While driving down Interstate 95 we saw this field of debris that is left over from the tornadoes last weekend. My sister Kelley and her family were actually in this area and snapped some pics of the tornado as it headed towards them. Thankfully no one was hurt where they were.

These were displays for fiberglass pools that were tossed around by the tornado.

Have a great week!


  1. Love the spark of excitement at the end of the blog after that awful picture of the field. Lol! Very nice blog. The camper really does have it out for dad, doesn't?

  2. Loved the sunrise at the beach pictures. Beautiful! I hope your mom has a speedy recovery. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving kind words.