Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Queen Cat And The Very Bad Mood

It was a few days before Christmas, and The Queen Cat woke up in a particularly bad mood. The Intruder Cat, and her infuriating "I don't care" attitude was on the Queen Cat's last, dangling, exposed nerve.

"If I see that Intruder Cat up here today, I'm going to go "Chuck Norris" on her skinny, tortoiseshell colored, self."

Ahh, I'm all stretched out, lying in the sun, in the Queen Cat's territory, and I don't care what she thinks.....

"Am I having a nightmare?" "Is that minion lying in MY sunshine in MY territory?"

"Here I am on the Queen Cat's Bed...and there is nothing she can do about it." "She is losing her power over me!" (Perhaps someday I'll be The Queen Cat......)

"Are my eyes deceiving me???"

Has my day just taken a turn for the better? Is the fun about to begin?

"Go ahead kitty-cat, make your day, you have no power over me, anymore."

"Oh no she didn't just disrespect me right to my face!!!"

"These ears are your last warning......."

Faster than the speed of light......

"What the heck just happened???" "Mommy!!!"

"Anyone else want to have some "Go" time with me? "I didn't think so."

"Hey noncat, get out of here with that camera." "I'm cleaning up after battle, could I have a little privacy??"

"Ahhh, time for a long winter's nap. I'd wish you a Merry Christmas, but I really don't care if you have one or not.


  1. That is the funniest one yet, please tell me you let the other cat back inside...The expression on your cats face was hilarious!!!

  2. Thank you Kelley. Yes, Miss Whitney is inside safe and sound.

  3. I loved this one! This morning I went outside to warm my car and noticed cat foot prints all over the porch and stairs. All I could think was that one of them had enough and threw the other one out, but both were warm in their own beds.