Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Intruder Cat Interviews The Queen Cat

I've just received word that my time grows short in the Queen Cat's territory. I have it on good authority (my mommy), that I'll soon leave here, never to return again. Before I go, I want to take this time to speak boldly to The Queen Cat:

Intruder Cat: Was it necessary to make my time here so difficult?

Queen Cat: Yes it was, it's called Leadership (Domination)...I'm the Queen, and I tell you, you don't tell me...if you would have stayed downstairs as I commanded, your stay would have been less tense. You weren't even invited to enter the territory, by the way.

Intruder Cat: Okay, but what about "Generosity of Spirit." Why not accept another cat into your territory?

Queen Cat: Look kitty-cat, if I wanted to rule over a Colony of Cats, I would have. I don't need any help ruling a Noncat Colony, and truthfully with other cats, you could end up with the biggest band of misfits, ever.

Queen Cat: I'll give you a few examples:

Here is a sissy too shy to ever do battle for a Colony...

This one is so feral, she'd eat the Colony....

A scaredy cat who would play dead rather than fight....

A bunch of bums who would sleep all day rather than hunt for food....

A bruiser with way too much to prove....

Queen Cat: If I wanted, I could command a Noncat to go out and gather cats by the armful, but I do not wish to rule a Colony of Cats.

Intruder Cat: I wasn't suggesting you rule a Colony of Cats, I was just saying you could have treated a cat in your territory with some kindness, or if that's too much for you, how about civility?

Queen Cat: Now you are being a smart-aleck. Interview over!

Intruder Cat: I can't wait till moving day!

Queen Cat: Hit the road Cat, and don't you come back, no more, no more, no more, no more.......


  1. What great pics....You brought a smile to my face.Beautiful pets.

  2. Whenever I try to become a Follower of yours, it says webpage can not be found.I will have my daughter look at it tonight....I tried four times....ugggh!(Technology...I need to get better at this)

  3. That was so funny, I really enjoyed reading it. I have been scanning for errors but so far have found none. Oh I just want the power!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Deborah, I'm technology challenged as well. If you are signed into your own blog, click on my pic where I am your follower, that should take you to my blog, then click follow. That's how I do it, at least. :)

  5. Lol! Very good! Neela looks like the usual, very mean!