Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Year in Pictures - Goodbye 2010

In January, my oldest daughter Susan, graduated from The University of Maryland with a degree in History.

In February I was looking for my car, and my sanity after back to back snow storms buried everything.

In March my youngest, Billy, turned 15 years old. He is enthusiastically posing with the outfit he wore when I brought him home from the hospital.

In April, my husband Bill retired after almost 27 years on the police force. Since then he's made me coffee every morning, and has tried to micro manage my days, for lack of a squad to supervise.

In May, we began a series of post retirement Myrtle Beach vacations...

In June we lost a Bradford Pear Tree due to a freak windstorm. Much to the consternation of some neighbors and an embarassing pic on Google Earth, the remnant of the tree still stands in my yard.

In July, we visited the home of Thomas Jefferson, third President of the U.S. He was so proud of the beautiful "Out of Place" mansion he built on top of a mountain in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In August, much to the delight of Bill, who is nine weeks younger, I reached the Big 50...

In September Whitney joined our household, much to dismay of Neela...

In October we attended "Grandparents Day" at the public library with Cassidy. She was the only one to have two Grandparents present, and the only child who was photographed in a boat, inside the library that day. She also turned four that month...

In November, in addition to skipping the Thanksgiving Holiday, we also celebrated Bill's Big 50 by hiking a small portion of the Appalachian Trail. As you can see, it almost did me in.

In December, we had a fun, old-fashioned, family Christmas. It was alot of fun, and the highlight of my year.

This was just a glimpse of all the wonderful, and sometimes crazy times I've had this year. Too bad I didn't have a camera that showed how many times my grown children have moved back home, then moved out again, this year. The media calls them "The Boomerang Generation" the adult children that keep coming back home. Isn't home where they have to take you in? Does that include their animals?

There has been heartbreak this year too, which I'm glad I don't need a camera to show. God Knows, and freely shows, His Compassion, to Heal and Comfort the broken hearted, and He was Faithful to see me through the trials of 2010.

Thank you for taking this journey with me this year. I look forward to sharing more adventures in the upcoming year!


  1. That was a great post I really enjoyed the recap!!

  2. I enjoyed the journey of your life through the year 2010. You two are young and it is good seeing you doing things together. Do all you can before you get like my husband and I with our health problems. At least we have wonderful memories of all the fun trips and things we did together. I wish you the best on your journey of 2011.
    Marie in NC

  3. Thank you so much! Best to you too, in 2011!