Sunday, April 17, 2011

Intruder Cat Trumps The Queen "Of Mean" Cat

I am a nice kitty. I can't help it that I am living in the Queen Cat's territory. I am at the mercy of my mommy when it comes to where I live. My mommy told me to be nice, stay out of the Queen "of mean" Cat's way, and to ignore her if she kept stalking me. I done all that and more...but I feel like I just might have to take a stand against this enemy.


Excuse me????? Did the Intruder Cat call me an enemy?? "Hey, half-wit, you are the enemy, because you are in MY TERRITORY, uninvited. You are occupying my territory, without permission, so I have every right to remove you, by any means possible!!"


And so the battle raged during a chilly, rainy Saturday. The Intruder Cat, thinking she had found a napping spot where she would be undetected by The Queen Cat, came walking out of a closet, only to find the Queen Cat was waiting already....

"Hold it right there, Intruder Cat!" If you take another step, I will have tortoise shell fur all over my claws!"

"Here we go again, Queen Cat. Go ahead, attack!!! This time I am fighting back!!" (Sorry mommy, I just HAVE to this time)...

(Edited because of graphic content)

"You are going to regret this Intruder Cat! Open this door, now!"

"When I get this door open, you are finished!"

"Where are my Noncats? I am Queen of an entire Colony of Noncats and there is not one to be found! At this point, I would welcome the small Noncat to open the door!" (Intruder Cat sees the Royal Food Bowls)...

"Finally an uninterrupted meal!"

"Ahh, so nice to stretch out with a full belly!"

"Ha ha ha, I'm so pleased with myself, I'm giddy!"

"Chuck Norris won't be able to help you when I get back will go down, and OUT!" (But first I have to get back inside!! "NONCATS, where are you??" Oh, sometimes it is so hard to be The Queen Cat!!)

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