Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Queen Cat Exacts Her Revenge!!

The last time we saw The Queen Cat, she was locked outside of her territory by The Intruder Cat. She was so mad she was spitting nails...and willing to except any help to get back inside and resume her battle with The Intruder Cat...

"Where are my Noncats? I am Queen of an entire Colony of Noncats and there is not one to be found! At this point, I would welcome the small Noncat to open the door!"...

It was, coincidentally, a visiting day for the small Noncat. She was thrilled to be able to get so close to The Queen Cat.

"Okay, small Noncat, I didn't really mean it when I said I would welcome you to open the door...but now that you are here...OPEN THE DOOR!!"

"Hmmm, hey Queen Cat, I helped you. How about we play a game of dress-up?"

"I'd rather get a toe claw hooked on a carpet loop," said The Queen Cat.

I have business with a certain Intruder Cat. But first I shall hunker down in my under-the-bed-bunker, till the small Noncat leaves the territory. She was useful this time, but I am definately NOT playing with her!

Soon, the small Noncat left the territory, and The Queen Cat emerged from her bunker, ready for battle...

"Here I come kitty-cat...your worse nightmare, coming true!"

"Oh, hey there Queen Cat. No hard feelings right? I mean, you did have it coming..."

"You have disrepected me for the last time. From now on, wherever you are, I am. You will have no privacy, and no peace. Until the day you leave my territory, I will stalk you like prey and limit your movement. After you leave, I will haunt your dreams. I am every bad feeling you've ever had, and every fear come true."

"Sheesh, you should be called "Drama Cat" instead of "Queen Cat."

And so the days passed...The Queen Cat dogging every move The Intruder Cat made...

Sitting on a windowsill...The Queen Cat was there...

Perched on a chair, The Queen Cat was watching...

The Intruder Cat tried to hide in a laundry basket...which wasn't too bright...

The Intruder Cat tried hiding behind a makeshift barrier...but her tail let The Queen Cat know exactly where her enemy was.

Exhausted, The Intruder Cat showed her belly and begged for mercy...

"Please Queen Cat, I give up! Stop stalking my every move! I'll do what ever you say, if you will just leave me be!!"

"Then say the words I've been waiting to here from you."

Breathing heavily, The Intruder Cat uttered the words, "You are The Queen Cat of the Noncat Colony!"

"Yes I am, and it's about time you acknowledged it!"

"Now remove yourself from my presence...I am exhausted!"

"Me too! Oh, I can't wait for moving day!!"

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  1. Hahahahaha. Awww, poor Whitney! I won't say that hopefully Intruder Cat will be gone from her colony for good because we all know how that worked out =P