Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Week At My House

Last week was a very busy week for us. On Monday, Susan moved to her new home in Brooklyn Park. She is now only a 12 minute commute from her job, and very close to the university where she is working on her Master's Degree in Education.

Bill signed us up as tour guides for St. Mary's City. It is a volunteer position. On Tuesday we shadowed two guides during a tour. It was only 2 hours, and a normal tour is 4 to 5 hours. It seemed too much like a job to me, but Bill enjoyed it. I can't imagine walking around in the hot sun, trying to give interesting facts about an Indian longhouse, to a bunch of people who want to know where the gift shop is located. Now I feel sorry for every tour guide I've ever said that to....

I haven't planted a vegetable garden since 2006. This year I got the "gardening bug" and decided to try square foot gardening. I asked Bill if he could build me one box that I could place in a sunny spot on the deck.

The idea is: instead of planting in rows, you plant in a square foot plot. It's possible to get quite a yield of many different things with a 4x4 box. Bill built me a 2x4 box for the deck. Later that day, Julie was shopping at the amish market, and told me the plants were only $1.00 a piece. I told her to get me some green beans, yellow squash, onions, cucumbers and potatoes.

I should have specified how many plants to get. This is the huge load she brought to me...

So Bill built me a second box to plant the vegetables now there are two on the deck...

But that wasn't enough Bill built me a third box, this time a 4x4 sized box, out in the yard.

Even after all that I still handed a flat of cucumbers and some yellow squash over the fence to my neighbor. I also planted some of the potatoes in deep pots on the deck, so I'll see how those grow. Of course, I have my two standard tomato plants in a container on the deck too. If everything grows, I'll either be canning, selling on the side of the road, or gifting many friends.

For Mother's Day this year, Bill gifted me with a Kindle. It is such a wonder of technology! I ordered a current release book I wanted, and had it in 60 seconds! I also was undecided about a book, and downloaded a sample to see if I wanted it. I'm already on chapter 3 of the sample book, I don't know if that's a normal amount, but it's certainly a generous sample of a novel.

The green cover not only protects the Kindle, but also has a built in light that allows for reading in the dark.

Julie invited me to have lunch at her and Tommy's seafood restaurant on Mother's Day. I had all-you-can-eat snow crab legs and spiced shrimp. Yummy!

I was blessed by each of my children and my husband on this day. May the Lord show me each day, ways to bless the people around me.

Have a great day!

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