Friday, March 30, 2012

This Past Week At My House

I woke up everyday this week not knowing what to wear. Capri's with sandles? Jeans and a sweatshirt? Umbrella? Sunscreen......crazy! I even got a weather alert on my cellphone calling for "1-3 inches of snow by the afternoon," but it was a mistake. LOL

It was a good week here at my house. I bought a new porch swing. My last one was disintegrating, board by board. I asked Bill to replace the boards last Spring, and the next thing I knew the whole thing was in a heap in the corner of the yard. Hmmm...I hope to spend many a late afternoon here, reading a good book!

The Big Beast has found out where we live, and has once again taken up residence in our driveway. We will take it down South, soon.

We stopped by our daughter Julie's house this past week and I couldn't believe how beautiful her tables were. She bought them used, and then sanded and stained them. They turned out gorgeous!

She also made me this adorable Spring door wreath. She got the idea for it off of Pinterest.

We had several highlights this week. It was Grandparents Day at Cassidy's school. It was so fun to see her classroom, and she was so excited to see us there!

Grandpa with his favorite little lady!

My baby turned 17 years old. I can't believe how fast time has flown by since he was born.

It's not a great pic, but here he is the day we brought him home from the hospital.

And here he is now...on his head is the blanket I carried him in when we brought him home from the hospital.

Billy having a birthday beer,(root, that is), and getting ready to blow out his 17 candles.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The RV Has Awakened From It's Winter Slumber...

It was a long, lonesome winter. The RV did not want to spend it in a field all alone. It wanted to be in a storage yard with the other RV's, to share war stories of all the vacations they had made into miserable times.

But the MAN, being one who is frugal, put the RV at his daughter's house. The RV was not happy, and spent the winter making plans on how to ruin the MAN's upcoming RV vacations.

"I've stewed all winter in this squatter's field. I hope the MAN has some fun trips planned this year. I've got a few fun trips planned for him."

The day finally came when the MAN in the gray truck pulled up to tow the RV away from the field.

The MAN was happy because the RV didn't leak over the winter. The RV did that on purpose. It's no fun to have leaky windows or roof, without the MAN there to witness it. However, the RV did have to release some steam that built up over the long, boring winter. So, just before going over a bridge, it popped off its cap covering the bumper,and tried to spit the sewer lines into the Patuxent River.

The RV wondered what else it could do to get the MAN's attention, and let him know how it really feels.....I'll blowout a tire! Wait, better than that, I'll let the man know that all the tires are unsafe and that they all should be replaced...even the spare...

I love the feeling of being jacked-up. It's my power over the MAN....

The man is confused as to why the cover no longer fits the spare tire...LOL...I told the tire man to put larger tires on me (giggle).

Well, that was fun, and expensive. But I have more mischief in store for the MAN this coming Spring and Summer.

"That's right, be afraid...I'm right behind you, Sir."

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This Past Week At My House

It has been almost 3 full months since I've updated my blog. I certainly wasn't covered under drifts of snow this past winter, unable to reach my computer. We had less than two inches for the entire season. It was a boring winter, weather-wise.

Then, two weeks before winter was officially over, Springtime arrived, regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil had predicted on February 2nd. Everything bloomed early!

Both Bradford Pear Trees are now sporting full green leaves. I've never seen them with leaves in the month of March.

Bill and I went to Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday to spend the weekend. We enjoyed visiting wineries on the North tour of the Monticello Wine Trail. We have now visited all but two wineries on the whole Trail. It was a tough assignment, but I was up for the task! Lol

I don't remember which winery had this beautiful view. All of them have views that are picturesque.

I've never seen a winery quite like this one. It was called The Glass House. One of the proprietors was also a chocolatier. The chocolate treats were amazing! I just can't imagine having a glass of wine in this room with all these plants. To each his own....

The general consensus (we were with friends) was to skip Stone Mountain Winery. It was a 3.6 mile trip up a mountain, and in the opposite direction from the other wineries. I insisted, and look at that view! However the drive up to Stone Mountain Winery was so scary! It was a pitted, gravel road with many blind spots. The winery was beautiful though!

Pippin Hill Winery just opened last June. It is beautiful, and would be a wonderful venue for special occasions. They also have a wood fire oven and made their own pizzas. I would suggest they drop the tasting fee with the purchase of their wines...

I've wanted new living room furniture for quite a while. I've had this set for 12 years, and it was out dated when I bought it. My sister had this same couch in 1992 Even the saleswoman tried to talk me out of buying it at the time. Apparently I was reluctant to move pass a blue/mauve color

Here is what the room looks like now...

Here is a better pic of the couch.

I never thought I'd have glass topped tables again (circa 1970's for me), but I really love this look!

I still have a lot to do to finish the room, but at least I have managed to let go of my decorating scheme from last century!

Have a great week!