Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The RV Has Awakened From It's Winter Slumber...

It was a long, lonesome winter. The RV did not want to spend it in a field all alone. It wanted to be in a storage yard with the other RV's, to share war stories of all the vacations they had made into miserable times.

But the MAN, being one who is frugal, put the RV at his daughter's house. The RV was not happy, and spent the winter making plans on how to ruin the MAN's upcoming RV vacations.

"I've stewed all winter in this squatter's field. I hope the MAN has some fun trips planned this year. I've got a few fun trips planned for him."

The day finally came when the MAN in the gray truck pulled up to tow the RV away from the field.

The MAN was happy because the RV didn't leak over the winter. The RV did that on purpose. It's no fun to have leaky windows or roof, without the MAN there to witness it. However, the RV did have to release some steam that built up over the long, boring winter. So, just before going over a bridge, it popped off its cap covering the bumper,and tried to spit the sewer lines into the Patuxent River.

The RV wondered what else it could do to get the MAN's attention, and let him know how it really feels.....I'll blowout a tire! Wait, better than that, I'll let the man know that all the tires are unsafe and that they all should be replaced...even the spare...

I love the feeling of being jacked-up. It's my power over the MAN....

The man is confused as to why the cover no longer fits the spare tire...LOL...I told the tire man to put larger tires on me (giggle).

Well, that was fun, and expensive. But I have more mischief in store for the MAN this coming Spring and Summer.

"That's right, be afraid...I'm right behind you, Sir."

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  1. LOL. Your RV Is starting to scare me.