Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Queen Cat's Domain Is Free Of Intruders....

I realize there are some Noncats out there who will boo-hoo over this picture. The Intruder Cat was really putting on her "Sad Face" when this pic was taken. Take it from me, she is just fine, all snug and safe in her new territory.

This last "Go Around" with the Intruder Cat was quite taxing. She came in with an attitude of disrespect, and kept it the whole time.

Everytime I think of this incident, my fur stands up in a mohawk, and my claws flex with fury. That little minuion will never be under estimated again...

But, enough of that business. I started thinking about my relationship with the small Noncat who frequents my territory.

She came to my rescue when the rest of my Noncats were no where to be found. I'm thinking that perhaps, on her next intrusion into my territory, I may interact with her, just to show my appreciation. I like to give credit, where credit is due...which isn't often with my group of Noncats.

The next day, I sat on the couch, next to the woman Noncat, and eavesdropped on her conversation. I heard that the small Noncat was due to intrude the territory the very next day. This time, instead of retreating to my under-the-bed bunker, I will stay available for some minor interaction with her. It will be frightful, but as The Queen Cat, I am frequently called upon to handle difficult tasks.

The next day, I put on my most queenly attitude, and prepared to grant audience to, who, in the past, has been the one Noncat I avoided at all costs. But after The Intruder Cat, this didn't seem like such big of a deal.

"Hi there, Queen Cat!" I can't believe you are letting me talk to you! Wanna play house? Wanna be the baby? Can I pet you? Can you sit on my lap? Can I carry you around? Can I put you in my doll stroller and take you for a walk? Want one of my lollipops? Well, Queen Cat, are you listening?"

"Thank you, small Noncat, for helping me out the other day. I didn't really need your help, but since you were there at the right time, it worked out that you opened the door for me. Oh, and NO, to all of your requests...I am tired now from all your chatter, and I'm going to go to the woman Noncat's room, and I'm going to take a cat nap.

"Hey small Noncat, before I retreat, to show my gratitude, I'll let you play dress-up with me. Only one item...and this is the only time it will ever happen..."

And with a hat upon my head...I drifted off to sleep. Dreaming of future battles with The Intruder Cat, and a world where all small Noncats were under subjection to the Queen Cat of their colony.

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