Friday, May 20, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow????

I mentioned in an earlier post that I've planted a garden this year...the first time since 2006. It wouldn't be an unusual conclusion to reach, that perhaps my 2006 garden was such a dismal failure, that I lost interest in gardening. I never did embrace "Try, try again" in a big way.

But, I got the gardening bug this year, so I set up square foot gardening boxes: two on my deck, and one out in the yard.

It's been a little over two weeks since I planted the gardens. Here is the box with the cucumbers and onions. I'm going to trellis the cucumber vines when they get a little taller. The containers hold the sweet potato plants. I have a third container but it's a little sad looking, I didn't have a drain hole in the bottom of the container and they may have drowned...:(

Here are a couple of pictures of the other garden box on the deck. It is full of green beans, cucumbers, and a couple of hot pepper plants. The green beans are just taking over all the space. I've asked them to share, but they won't listen.

Here is the squash patch out in the yard. Seriously, I watched this patch of ground for 6 weeks and it was always sunny. Of course, the trees didn't have leaves on them. Now my squash leaves are turning yellow and screaming to me they don't even need sunblock, because there are so few sun rays hitting them.

Bill took matters into his own hands and starting cutting down branches to give the squash more sunlight. Too bad the trees are 40+ feet tall. No matter how many low branches he cuts, the upper branches are still blocking the sunlight.

These trees used to have branches all down the exposed side you now see.

Now, after getting rid of all the tree branches from the Bradford Pear tree, there is now half a tree in the backyard that has to be cut up and taken to the recycling center.

Hopefully the squash will get enough sunlight to produce something. Otherwise, I just might have found the reason for that dismal garden failure of 2006......

Have a great weekend!


  1. Even if they squash don't thrive, I would still call it a success considering what you have growing on your deck! Looks amazing. My green beans are starting to look like yours, so I am wondering if I have bush beans too! My squash plants are growing like crazy, but my cucumbers still don't look anything like yours. I am wondering if they will ever grow!

  2. My cucumbers plants are huge, but my poor squash plants look like they need a transfusion!