Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Kitchen Rugs Left Home - And The Forks Ran Away With The Spoons

I've never claimed to be a perfect housekeeper. I definately lack organization in certain parts of the house (pantry!), but I try to keep a tidy home. However, things have happened over the years that I can't explain.

First is the disappearing silverware. You go the drawer for a fork or spoon, and find we now have only five, when a month ago there were a dozen. I don't have any little kids who would take them outside to dig, so where did they go? I look under beds or the family room, but nothing. Lots of scary things are in a teenager's room, but not my silverware.

I've also noticed from time to time my cereal bowls just vanish. Logic would say I'd find the spoons there with them, but when a bowl disappears in this house, it usually means someone broke it, cleaned up the evidence, and won't admit to the crime, at least that is my theory.

But I have a real puzzler now. Two of my kitchen rugs are missing. I don't even know exactly when they left. I just know that three weeks ago, they suddenly weren't here anymore. I had three identical rugs in the kitchen:

Now this rug is the only one left. Did the other two pair up, decide they'd had enough of this nut house and take off one night while I was asleep? Did this rug stay behind out of loyalty?

I've searched every crevice of the house. I even looked in the oven, at the request of my daughter Susan, who thinks I just may be losing my mind. Bill thinks I shook them out, then threw them away before I swept the kitchen floor. That would certainly be odd behavior, and I'd run to my doctor if I actually thought that happened. But honestly I know that these rugs simply disappeared one night. I'm actually beginning to suspect that someone is out there setting up housekeeping by collecting my household goods, one fork, spoon, bowl, and (two) rugs, at a time.

I finally gave up the search and went out and bought new rugs.

Hopefully, I haven't wrapped the old rugs up as Christmas gifts... :)

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