Friday, February 19, 2010

I Think My Card Gig Is Up..............

Well, this was going to my Valentine's Day blog to tell you how wonderful my time was with my hubby. This year I wanted dinner and a movie. That might be normal for most everyone else, but my hubby is not fond of going to the movies, so we rarely go together. We went to see Dear John, which I thought was pretty good. He might have also, if he could just get past the bloopers. He doesn't watch a movie just for entertainment value, he's too much of a detail person, I guess.

But this isn't about him. This blog is about me. I going to confess something here that my husband doesn't know. I recycle greeting cards. I've done it for years and he's never caught on. One time he did notice that he "thought" he'd gotten that card before, but usually he never notices. I save every card ever given to me, and over the decades, I saved all the cards given to him by me. So when a holiday comes around, I'll pull out a card for the appropriate occasion, he'll read it, it hangs around for a few days on a table, then I put it back in the drawer and maybe it will be used again one day. It was a good plan, perhaps bordering on genius, I thought.

Until this year. This year I should have been more careful.

Here is the card and box of Godiva Chocolates my hunny gifted me with. He's always thoughtful with his cards.

Here's the front of the card I gave him. I thought with the couple dancing, it was romantic, so I just assumed it said Happy Valentine's Day inside.

However, when hubby opened the card, it said Happy Birthday Day to My Husband! He was surprised I didn't notice it when I bought it. Confession is: I didn't notice it when I pulled it out of my card drawer!

So there you go. I've confessed to one of my many vices. I can't even promise I'll never do again. Perhaps Bill even appreciates the money I've saved over the years. Then again, maybe I'll be seeing a few recycled cards myself..............:)

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