Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Angels...Not that hard, right??????

To prevent cabin fever, Cassidy and I decided to go outside on this sunny, snowy day, and make snow angels.

The backyard was all covered with snow, the perfect playground for The Lady and Kid.

The Lady and Kid were all smiles as our adventure began. What fun snow angels will be!

We shall walk up the hill to find the perfect spot!

The Lady made a snow angel, just like when she was a Kid!!!!

The snow angel looks like she's missing her head. The Lady know's she had a head on her shoulders when she laid down.

The Lady sat up and discovered she wasn't a Kid anymore. She could not get into the right postion to get back up on her feet again.

The Lady had to crawl a great distance to get back onto the flat ground of the patio to get back up again. The Lady probably won't be making her own snow angel again.

The Kid makes her snow angel with the Lady's help. She of course won't have to crawl across the yard, because she has The Lady to help her up from the supine position.

A snow angel made by a princess. The angel is perfect, just like the Kid!

The Kid fell into a deep hole. She doesn't seem to see this as an opportunity for more fun.

The Kid is very sad. Her boot has come off. Even though she has four pairs of socks on, this distresses her greatly.

Mommy had to come and rescue the Kid. The Lady was dealing with her own issues, as she had fallen down and couldn't get back up.

The Lady managed to grab the lonesome boot when she got back onto her own two feet.

The Kid is not happy about her bootless foot. Mommy will make that all better. The Lady and the Kid still had fun, but the Lady is now very sore!

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  1. lol, what a fun day! I can't believe we got so much snow!