Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things that Happened in My Home This Past Week

Well, the most exciting thing to happen this week was Bill turning 50 years old. That might not be as exciting for Bill as it was for me, but I have my reasons. See, I turned 50 years old in August. That was 9 long weeks ago. For 9 weeks I've had to hear about how HE'S still in his 40's. He made sure I was a card carrying member of AARP before his birthday. Hope you had a great birthday sweetie! You deserved it!

This pic wasn't really taken on his birthday, but it's to demonstrate how his family tried to make him feel like King for a Day!

My son attended a potluck dinner with 5 scouts on Friday evening. I couldn't think of anything to make. My inclination was just to buy something, but I wanted to be a good steward of not only my money, but also the food I already had in the house. I made some Italian bread dough, rolled it out to a rectangle, and then layered pizza sauce, pepperoni and shredded cheddar/mozzarella cheeses in the middle to 3/4 inch from the edges. I then folded it in half, then in half again. After pinching the sides closed, I slashed the top, added an egg wash, and sprinkled oregano and parmesean cheese and baked it on a stone till golden. It was a big hit.

I felt sentimental and wanted to show a blue and white corning ware casserole dish I got as a wedding gift 31 years ago and still use. People collect this stuff now. We got alot of corning ware when we married (I have my theories on that). The casserole dishes were smaller in the 1970's than they are today, but now that most of my kids are gone from the home, I can use them again.

This doesn't look like much, but it is layered pizza sauce, onions, peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni and mozzarella/cheddar cheeses. Bill doesn't eat many carbs, so this is his version of pizza night.

Here is mine and Billy's pizza. I made a homemade crust, then it's pepperoni for Billy, and pepperoni with lots of veggies for me. It's hard to believe that one time I had to make three of these for dinner. Oh how fast time night is also a whole lot easier!!

This week we had a new roof installed. While in Myrtle Beach this past May, it was our good fortune to have a hail storm of Biblical porportions and to be insured. We ended up needing a new roof, siding on one side of the house, downspouts and gutters. Increased home insurance rates to follow......

Here is a closer look at the old roof. It was a brown color that tied into the brown color of the stone front.

Here is a view of the back of the house. The mildew streaks developed on all the roofs in our area after the long, snowy winter, wet spring, and hot, humid summer.

Ripping off the old roof. What a tremendous racket that made inside the house!!

The finished roof. I chose a charcoal gray architectual tile to coordinate with not only the dark gray shutters and door, but there is also some gray in the stone front.

Here is a view from the back of the house.

Here is a close up of the roof tiles. They will lay down more as the sun heats them up, but you can see how the pattern is more textured than a flat style roof. (They are not blue at all, it's just the lighting when the pic was taken).

If Charlie Brown had a Bradford Pear Tree in his front yard, this is what it would look like in the Fall.

A flock of geese flying South for the Winter. Don't get technical with me. I just thought it was a good way to end this blog.......


  1. I really like the new roof!! You've done so much work, its like having a brand new house!

  2. oh and yum yum, I miss your pizza!!