Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your Kids Are Just Waiting to Correct YOU!

When your children are young, they are so sweet and innocent. Their every motive is pure. However, as they grow, they simply must be corrected from time to time. It might be their speech, their clothing, their hair, or their actions.

But just wait.....for every action there is a reaction...even if it takes 20 or 30 years. Your kids are just waiting for that moment you mispronounce a word so that they can correct you. They love it when you happen to wear a navy blue and a black shoe together and don't notice. They get to correct you, and get a good laugh. Take it in stride comrades....someday they will have children of their own.

It starts innocently enough, something along the lines of "Susan, button up your sweater, it's cold outside."

It may or may not progress to "Hmmm, so your bangs are blue?" It was not a correction, I was simply inquiring was that the look she was going for.

But she worked hard and graduated from college. I am very proud of her.

However, yesterday she told me my blog had a number of grammatical errors. Ahhh young people....do they realize how long it takes for white-out to dry on a computer screen? I got tired and went to bed before all the corrections were dry.

It's all good. :)