Thursday, January 21, 2010

Virginia Beach Trip

Bill and I decided to take a weekend trip to Virginia Beach. It's not too far away, and we do miss the ocean. We got an oceanfront hotel room so we could really enjoy the view.

This was the wonderful oceanview we woke up to. I know the Atlantic is out there somewhere.

By early afternoon, the weather cleared up and it actually became nice out for a couple of hours.

We headed to the Cape Henry Lighthouse, located on Ft. Story. I wasn't sure I could climb a lighthouse, but I had been on the treadmill 3 times the week before.

This was the set of stairs we had to climb before we even got to the lighthouse. Makes me wonder how many lighthouse keepers they had over the years.

I could only get half the lighthouse in the shot. Inside was an old, iron staircase, that was actually wet. It was gross touching it. I only stopped once on the way up....for oxygen. At the top, you had to climb a ladder into the cupola.

View from the top was pretty impressive. Almost as impressive as the housing cul-de-sac on the left. Those are for the higest ranking officers on the base. Oceanfront housing is pretty sweet, especially when it's free.

This is the car Bill rented for us for the weekend. It was roomy, but lousy on gas mileage.

On the way home we stopped in Williamsburg. It was a beautiful day. I sat down next to Thomas Jefferson for awhile and glanced at what he was writing. I'm nosy that way.

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