Friday, January 22, 2010

Upcoming Graduation....I've earned it!

Here I am in my University of Maryland Cap and Gown. I have my Arts and Humanities Hood, and my U.M. bright red sash. It feels so good to have accomplished something so important as a college degree.

There were long, sleepless nights, some all-nighters, illnesses, attitudes, and many years of doing my absolute best to make this graduation happen.

I thought the outfit was a bit boring, so I decided to wear the hood on my head and drape the sash over my shoulder. Never did want to be too conforming.

Here is the real graduate. She caused many a sleepless night as a baby, and a teenager. The all-nighters started at birth. There was chickpox, tonsilitis, flu, colds, and fevers. Stubborn as the night is long, the attitudes were sometimes bad, but mostly she was just strong-willed and determined. Everyday she makes me proud, and I know many of my decisions along the way, were the correct ones. But, there were a few duds. (Sorry about the perm!)

Here is the future generation wearing a Univerity of Maryland cap. After years of sleepless nights, all-nighters, attitudes, and years of HER Mom doing her best, may I one day be able to attend her college graduation too!

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  1. congrats to Susan for reaching her goal. You made that outfit look fabulous, I think they should adopt that look!