Friday, October 21, 2011

Trip to Canada-Part One

I left on October 18th for a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. My friend Nadine offered to fly me out to visit with her. Although the flight went well, I must say I'm no fan of flying. I now seem to spend a part of each day trying to figure out someway to get Bill to drive out here to pick me up. But I spend the rest of my day enjoying the beautiful country that Canada is.

I landed in Seattle, Washington, and Nadine came to pick me up. On the way back, we are going to stop and sight see some in Seattle. For now, it was just a drive-by.

Seeing this sign let me know I really survived the airplane ride. I could quit asking people to pinch me....

This is Nadine and her mother. I've known Nadine for 14 years. It was great to finally meet her mother after hearing about her all these years. What a wonderful woman she is.

Letting no moss grow under our feet, we headed out the next day for a two day drive to Banff. The mountain scenery was breathtaking.

Staying off the freeway to enjoy beautiful Frazer Valley, was rewarded by a three hour delay when a truck dumped its lumber load on the roadway. We were stranded in the only part of the trip that had no view. It also had a dog the size of a baby moose, which ensured we stayed in the car....

On the road again, I never got tired of seeing the beautiful Coastal Mountains.

I woke up to this view in Revelstoke, British Columbia. What a beautiful town. However we didn't stay long, as our destination was Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Shortly into the drive, I got my first glimpse at the snow-topped, Canadian Rockies.

Sometimes they didn't even look real, but like a beautiful painting...

Eventually the sometimes scary drive (Canadian truckers!!) came to an end, and we arrived at The Caribou Lodge.

Dinner was at The Keg, and was a scrumptious meal of steak, scallops, shrimp and asparagus served with a Bearnaise sauce. Yum!!!

You gotta love a country whose currency looks like play money, and has a pic of Richard Dreyfus on it....jk....

To be continued........

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