Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canada - Part 2

Nadine and I spent two days in the town of Banaff, in Alberta, Canada. It was a picturesque town. I thought it was a touristy, ski town. However, I found out it was much more than that.

The first afternoon we took a gondola up the mountainside to really survey the landscape.

Destination: The top of this mountain...

Is this thing legal? Do the Canadians inspect their gondolas????

The view as we ascended up the mountain became more spectacular every minute.

At 7,500 above sea level, you can look across the valley and have a birds eye view of the Rockies...

And look across a lush, green valley.

The town of Banff is just to the left of the picture.

I came, I conquered, I rode the gondola....

Back down on solid ground, I visited Banff Park, with it's beautiful glacier lake.

Pretty typical of my husband, he found a live webcam, 3,000 miles away that he could view me on. I stood across the street of this building, while he stared at me and asked me to wave. Every time I did, people would look around and wonder who I was waving at....crazy American....

This is Nadine and her sister Carla. Carla has lived in Banff for 20+ years. From her, I learned this tourist destination is also a wonderful, close-knit community, where everyone looks out for each other.

Carla is so laid back and welcoming. Sitting in her kitchen watching her cook, is a place you could stay for days. She is the consummate hostess. She prepared a wonderful meal without ever breaking a sweat. This salad, which she created, was not only beautiful, it was absolutely delectable!

She also made a delicious lasagna and a chocolate zucchini cake. She invited a close friend of hers for dinner, who was a wonderful and gracious dinner companion. I would love to be neighbors with these women.

But all good things must come to an end (why??) and so my time ended in this wonderful and beautiful town.

O Canada, our home and native land....

To be continued.......

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