Thursday, June 2, 2011

How Fair Is Thy Garden...The Fairest Of Them All...NOT!

I've just been amazed at the growth of my square foot gardens I placed on my deck. Sometimes when I look outside, I cannot believe how big they've become.

This box contains green beans, cucumbers, and a couple of hot pepper plants.

This box holds onions and cucumbers. I know there are alot of cucumbers. That's what happens when someone else is picking up your plants at the farmers market, and you don't know how many plants are in a flat....

The cucumbers are beginning to climb the trellis. It's so fascinating to see those tendrils reach out and grab onto it. Most mornings the tendrils have grabbed onto my onion stems and try to get them to come along and climb the trellis with them.

Last winter's icy coating on the deck...

Now looks like this...I like this view alot better!

I had no idea that potato plants were so lush. It has vines that are now reaching through the deck, as if they are trying to wave hello to passing cars.

This little guy is also a potato plant. I almost drowned it by not having a hole in the bottom of the container. It has perked up, so I'll have to wait to see if it grows any potatoes.

My tomato plant is bursting out of it's cage...

This morning I found two, tiny little tomatoes...

My poor, anemic squash patch. I feel guilty ever time I look at it. I even chopped down tree branches to give it more sunlight. Now the shed is blocking it's light. I cannot move the shed. Every morning it's flowers come out and look like they are begging for help. I'm sorry squash...

So all in all, I thought things were going well until....Julie (aka human knitting machine) sent me a pic of her square foot garden. She planted her garden a week after mine. She already has several four inch yellow squash on some of the vines.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I use to love to help dad plant that garden we had in the Valley, or more like Farmers Market, he had everything, we really could have made a killing every summer, if we sold the stuff, I went down to Gillis Hill farms the other day, and of course they have acres of plants, but what they had in the Veggie stand wasn't any more or any better than what we had every year. BTW your deck looks really pretty did you stain it???