Thursday, June 9, 2011

Surprise Troop Movement for the Squash....

Well, I had two choices facing me: Allow all the squash plants to whither and die for lack of sunlight, or move them to a sunnier location. Why I waited five weeks into the growing season to move them, will remain a mystery.

They don't look much different than when I put them in the ground at the end of April.

A new foot garden box was prepared for the anemic looking squash plants.

I uprooted 8 of the least dead looking plants to be moved to their new home. There were ants in the soil that didn't like me disturbing them. Those suckers hurt when they bite you!

Bill used some of the soil from the garden, plus I added 1.5 cubic feet of Miracle Grow soil.

Well, here they are in their new home. They are not very thrilled right now. After Bill's run this morning, he came in and said "They are not doing very well" in the same tone of voice reserved for a family member when you say, "I don't think he's going to make it."

I did find one tiny squash on the vine when I was transporting the plants.

I could have left my trees alone...they were chopped down for these plants. If I was a plant, I'd appreciate the shade right now, it's a burning, 105 heat index out there right now. From where I'm sitting, they look like they will be dead by nightfall. I may never eat yellow squash again......

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