Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Queen Cat Is Displeased With The Noncat Colony

Typically, I do not care what season it is. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, it's all the same to me. The weather is always the same inside the Noncat Colony. So how do I explain the fact that my Noncats are being slow to perform their functions inside the Colony...winter doldrums?

Simply put, all the Noncats under my control are getting on my nerves. They have become unproductive this winter, and they are not doing their chores in a timely manner. I am having to spend time I could use grooming and napping, to pester these Noncats to do their jobs.

I was trying to get a lazy Noncat out of bed to do a regular feeding, and this subordinate grabbed me into a "Cuddle Moment." That was the moment my nerves started jangling, and they haven't stopped yet.

I'm now forced to hide around corners, and stalk my Noncats, instead of prey...to make sure they are completing their tasks in the Colony.

Hey Noncat! Quit standing there and go scoop my private box...

My regular feeding times, and my ritual feeding exercises, have become very sloppy; with no attention paid to detail. These are not difficult tasks. To show my displeasure with their poor service, I removed both bowls from the Royal Charger they sit upon. I wanted the Noncat to start from the beginning, and place the Queen Cat's food bowls on the Royal Charger...

Come on Noncat!!! It's not that difficult. Put the food bowls upon the Royal Charger, and then serve the food...

I DO NOT drink my water from a bowl on the floor!! Unacceptable!

Now clean up this mess!!!

I can knock this water bowl over all day long if I have to...What's the matter with you Noncats!!

Finally, I had to take this meal sitting on the Royal Charger...A Queen has got to eat! But there shall be a price to pay for this infraction!

Mmmmm did someone say Kitty, kitty...

I've got your kitty, kitty, right here!

Noncats can be replaced...remember that!

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