Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning And A Cup Of Coffee

Have you ever dragged your body out of bed, and all you want is a cup of coffee? Well, that's me today. My husband is teaching his Monday class, I'm all alone, the coffee pot is all ready, because he always makes my coffee...but it is programmed to brew at a certain hour. I've tried to override it, unplug and restart, reprogram, all to no avail. All I want is a cup of coffee!!!

Very soon this town will have something that I've previously had to travel many miles to get...a meal at Cracker Barrel!!! That's right, I'm finally going to live in a town where I can have the Cracker Barrel Week Night Specials, without leaving the state.

My daughter Julie has been sick with the flu since last Thursday. Seeing how sick she's been has made me rethink my "I don't need a flu shot" stance. She's been scary sick. Thankfully, Cassidy has had her flu shot for the year.

I made some homemade chicken noodle soup to take to Julie. I've read it can actually help you to heal of upper respiratory illnesses.

I also made some oatmeal rolls to go with the soup. I made these with white flour instead of wheat. They turned out really soft and light.

Bill's contribution to making his Julie Bear feel better, was flowers...

I think when someone is ill, it's important to minister to them in a tangible way. How many times has someone been sick, and you think about them, and pray for them, but then don't call them?

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives, that we forget to reach out to others, in ways that let them see our love for them. When we serve others, we are serving our Lord...

Oh, the coffee just started brewing!!!! Have a great Monday!


  1. Darlene,

    I think you're right about how we should be ministering to people in a tangible way. I recently made a meal for a friend who is pregnant with her fourth child & is very sick. I spoke to her a few days after I had delivered the meal & she told me that nobody, besides her own mother, had ever made a meal for her family before...ever. I thought that statement was such a sad commentary on life in the United States today. We are all often too "busy" to minister to each other in this way. She also stated that she felt amazingly better for several days after the meal. I, of course, didn't put anything special (except love) into the meal that caused her to feel better. However, I do think that receiving the meal must have meant alot to her & it must have affected her mental perception of how she felt. So again...good point about ministering in a tangible way & great blog.

  2. I agree we need to be more aware of the ministry of hospitality!! Your chicken soup and rolls looked so tasty, I hope Julie feels better soon...great blog!!

  3. It was delicious. Thanks mom! It was more than I expected!

  4. Oh, and I plan on tagging along when you go to cracker barrel!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone.

  6. What you did for Julie was so sweet! And I want to go to Cracker Barrel too although I'll probably just end up eating the tomatoes off dad's plate.