Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Kid Turns Four Years Old...........

Of course, the Kid I'm referring to is Cassidy. Today is her fourth birthday. I can hardly believe that this beautiful young lady, who less than a year ago was sticking her tongue out at me and calling me Lady, is now a little sweetheart who calls me Grandma. I'd also like to add that when she says "Grandma" it is with some measure of enthusiasm and delight. Yes, a small gift each time you see them doesn't hurt one little bit.

On October 27, 2006, at 10:16pm, my little angel was born. She was wearing this little pout on her lips when she arrived. I knew right then we were looking at a high maintenance female.

This pic is a little blurry, but I was having trouble with corrupted files as I tried to download pics. Here, she was learning to sit-up. Notice Neela the cat in the background. She was pretty confident in herself at this point because Cassidy couldn't stand up yet. Once Miss Cassidy was walking, Miss Neela was hiding.

Cassidy on the swings at the park. Remember I told you she was high maintenance? When you would hold Cassidy as a baby on your hip, she would never help you by hanging on. The swings were no different. She was not interested in moving her legs and keeping the momentum herself.'s you standing behind her pushing...forever. I even tried to entice her with swinging on her belly, just for laughs, but she would never take the bait.

Miss Princess as she turned 2 years old. She has been so much fun to be with. Except when leaving parks, play areas, or McDonald's. Other than that, she's such a little angel.

Cassidy two months before she turned 4 years old. No picture ever taken captures her personality better. She is sweet, loving, affectionate, and smart. She is also perpetually bored with the adult world. Life is about moving, doing, and going!!! She has no time for adults who want to talk, sit down, or heavens forbid, read for a moment or two. She's always ready for a party, but please, don't talk on the phone...unless it's to her. High maintenance............:) I love you Cassidy!!

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