Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Queen Cat Meets The Interloper Cat

One day the Queen Cat of the NonCat Colony was lounging on her royal bed. Her thoughts were free from worry. "My Colony is free from The Intruder Cat, my Non-Cats are all busy making sure the Colony is running smoothly, my box is scooped and my food bowl is full. Life is good."

Suddenly, her olfactory sense of smell was flooded with the stench of an interloper entering her territory. It did not smell like The Intruder Cat, who had long been a thorn in her royal, padded paw.

The Queen Cat jumped from her Royal Perch to investigate. The Non-Cats could not possibly appreciate all she did to keep this Colony safe. As she reach the stairs that led to the upstairs territory, she was greeted by this sight...

An Interloper! The darn Non-Cats had let an Interloper Cat into the Colony! Interloper Cats are dangerous. They threaten the very existence of a Non-Cat Colony. They come to maim and destroy, especially The Queen Cat herself.

"You are not welcome in this Colony," the Queen Cat stated with much authority. "Show yourself, now!"

Slowly, the dangerous Interloper Cat showed herself...

"Hi Queen Cat! I am so excited to meet you! I have heard so much about you! You are legendary! Teach me how to be a Queen Cat, please....let me learn at the paws of the Master!!!!"

How were you able to gain entry into my territory? Tell me now before I destroy you!"

"A small Non-Cat let me in. She said you would be happy to grant me audience," the Interloper Cat quickly stated.

"Ah, of course," said the Queen Cat. "I know exactly which small Non-Cat you speak of."

"She is the one Non-Cat in my Colony that is a rebel...hmmm.....

"Although your words are flattering (and correct), one does not teach a feline how to become a Queen Cat, one IS a Queen Cat. There is a difference. However, I do not find you threatening, so I will let you leave my territory in peace."

"OOOOh, the 'Queenly, Over-Indulgent Squint!' All the feral felines talk about it! It is rumored that you give that look to Non-Cats who think that by scratching behind your ears, they have made you happy. But in fact, you believe they are simpletons, and wish they would scoop the poop out of your royal toilet rather than touch you," the Interloper Cat excitedly exclaimed. "All of us homeless felines practice the squint hoping for the day a Non-Cat touches us and we can squint just like you. Watch me Queen Cat, I can do it!"

The Queen Cat was amused. "Alright Interloper Cat, I will show you a few Queenly behaviors. You will never be a Queen Cat. However, I am bored by my Non-Cats at the moment and rather pleased by your attention."

"Follow me Interloper Cat," stated the Queen Cat. "Time to learn the difference between grooming your coat, and just plain licking, and scratching."

"What? We're gonna clean ourselves? My mom taught me that already!"

"Don't be stupid, little Interloper, or I may change my mind."

To Be Continued..........


  1. I wasn't expecting Lua to be in this post and burst into tears when I saw her picture :( Miss her!

  2. Lol the queen cat is back!

  3. Awwwwww, Luuuaaaaaa. :) very nice blog!