Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Past Week at My House

Spring is just around the corner! I am so excited about that. However, winter wanted to make it's presence known this past week, but my town decided to fight. We received little more than a dusting of snow. However, we went to Charlottesville, Virginia for an overnight trip and that area received 9-12 inches of very heavy, wet snow. There were tree branches down all over, and utility companies were working hard to restore power to their customers. By the weekend it was melting fast in the 60 degree weather!

This past week I have worked on a place for a corner desk I bought a year ago. I haven't been able to find it a home where I will actually use it. This week I placed it in a corner of the living room.

This is the livingroom without the desk.

I put the recliner on the other side of the room, took away the sofa table, placed the desk where the recliner used to be, and added a picture above the table/lamp.

Here is a closer pic of the desk/chair and lamp.

I would like to add something to the wall beside the desk, and a few knick knacks on it. My plan is to mainly use the desk for my Bible studies.

I was in the market for a food processor. I have never owned one, except a 5 cup model that attaches to my mixer. On Macy's online store, I found this closeout model. It is an 11 cup Cuisinart, for only $89.99. I do love a great deal! Everyday I try to find some excuse to use it. It is so powerful, and more important, the learning curve to use this thing is very low. Perfect for me!

I have been using an online company: www.cutleryandmore.com to build my cookware collection. I have found some fantastic deals with this company. I usually get my items two/three days after I order, and they are always in excellent condition. They have a Deal of the Week, so I always check them out each Monday morning. If you go to Amazon.com and search for cookware, at the bottom of the page is an ad for Cutlery and More and if you click on that, you will save an additional 20% on your purchase.

I read that garlic should be stored in a cool, dark place in a container with holes. It needs to breathe.

I made the Pioneer's Woman "Green Bean Casserole" this past week. It is on page 218 in her cookbook.

Start with your green beans...

Pour on a rich sauce made with onions, garlic, bacon, pimentos, cream, cheese, chicken stock, butter, and seasonings.

Bake at 350 degrees till it's bubbling. This is in a whole other league from the cream of mushroom soup/french fried onions green bean casserole most of us are use to. I was not impressed with it as a leftover...just didn't look appetizing.

I made my own hoagie rolls this week. I calculated each one cost me 33 cents! (one looks more like a sub roll!)

Have a great week!

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