Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Short Trip to Beantown....

We had the opportunity last week to take a short trip to Boston, Massachusetts. I've watched the John Adams mini-series a million times, plus I've read three biographies on both him, and his wife Abigail. So I was intrigued enough to want NEED to see the homes they have there. This is the home where John Adams was born and raised. It sits right next to a busy road. Even when he lived there, it was the main road to Boston. Here is the home he shared with Abigail and where all his children were born. His son, John Quincy was born there, so the 2nd and the 6th Presidents of the United states were born right next door to each other. Look how close to the road the house is... After he returned from his government service in Europe, The Adamses bought this house they named "Peacefield." You are not allowed to take any photography inside the homes. Peacefield was really interesting. It was owned by family until the 1920's. All of the furnishings are original to the family. There are portraits, books, and sculptures there. There is even a dining room table that John and Abigail bought in Philadelphia. It was as if the family just left one day, and the Park Service started doing tours the next... I would love to have this front entrance. There are beautiful gardens and even a library that holds thousands of books belonging to the Adams family, built by John Quincy's son, Charles. The library was built in 1870. The most memorable part of the tour was the crypt of both John and Abigail, and John Quincy and Louisa, his wife. They are buried under a church, and their crypt was sealed until the early 1900's. It was eerie being there, knowing that when their graves were placed there, it wasn't intended to be a tourist attraction. Bill standing at the foot of Abigail Adams final resting place. John Quincy and his wife's graves are in the distance. Afterwards we walked the Boston Freedom Trail. It outlines the city's important places as this country began it's independence from Great Britain. The Granary has thousands of people buried there, including those murdered during the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin's parents. This was the site of the Boston Massacre. Centuries later, there is a Chipotle's next door. There was much more to the Trail, but I also just loved the look and feel to the city. It was so clean and pretty. It had a mixture of old buildings and new. There are pretty parks and fountains dotted throughout the city. On the way home, it rained as New York City became the world's longest parking lot for 3 looong hours. But by the time we crossed the George Washington Bridge, the clouds were gone and the sun was shining. The sunset over the Delaware river was beautiful. Though I had to say goodbye to John Adams and his beloved home, I hope to visit again someday and spend more time getting to know the beautiful State of Massachusetts. Bye for now, President Adams!

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