Monday, August 27, 2012

This Past Summer at My House

I cannot believe it's been so long since I wrote a blog. After the trip to Boston, it seems the summer just flew by... We went to Myrtle Beach in June, and were joined by Miss Cassidy and her lovely parents. They stayed for a week, and it was so fun to watch Cassidy on the beach. She was just a toddler last time she was there. She was quite awed by the sight of the ocean. However she was not scared. She walked right in, clothes and all!
In July I went to North Carolina for one last visit to the house. It has been sold, and soon everyone will be moving on. The house was lonely without my mom there.
It was fun to visit with family members. I was only there a few days because we headed back to Myrtle Beach for one last trip before school started again. This time Susan joined us for a few days.
Billy hates the beach, but Susan managed to get him out there for awhile. I usually feel like I'm vacationing with a vampire who only comes out after dark.
It was a nice week with beautiful weather. Unfortunately, we were there two weeks. The first week the weather looked like this...
The last week it looked like this...(It is not evening, that is a dark storm cloud)
And this...
But as the saying goes, a bad day at the beach, is better than a good day anywhere else. Plus, the RV NEVER LEAKED, so Bill was quite pleased with that. It was the first time rainy weather at the beach didn't send him to bed early. Have a great day!!!

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