Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grandparents Day at the Library

Today was Grandparents Day at the library. Cassidy was, of course, the only child with TWO grandparents present. This was because:

a. You are at least the 10th grandchild, or

b. You are actually the Great-grandparents

There is no other reason to have BOTH Grandparents present, during a weekday, at something as innocuous as Grandparents Day at the local library storytime. Cassidy, however is one lucky child....... as we were both there.

Cassidy is truly MY grandchild. We arrived a few minutes after storytime started. She looked around, saw us, and then acted as if she'd never laid eyes on us before. During an interlude, she went over to her mother, verified that we were, in fact, her grandparents, then went back to storytime.....

Miss Cassidy coloring her card for her grandparents during craft time.

Cassidy is proud to show-off her artwork.

Did I really allow myself to be photographed inside the library in a boat???

Cassidy blowing us a kiss goodbye.

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