Saturday, September 18, 2010

Completion of Home Project #1 - Only A Zillion More To Do

Well, this was a month of accomplishments around here. We were suppose to put our home on the market to sell last Spring. We thought we'd take the month of April to spruce it up some and put it up for sale in May. We couldn't have been more wrong about that.

Not only did we go on a string of vacations, but the list of what actually has to be done around here is quite daunting. We've actually been getting it ready for close to two years by replacing carpets, flooring, appliances and some painting of walls and trim. But those were projects I spearheaded. They don't include projects delegated to "If it wasn't perfect when I started, it will be when I finish" Bill who can take a relatively simple project like staining the deck, and make into a project worthy of stimulus money.

I was fearful at times that he was going to replace the entire deck. Everytime he replaced a board, he would be dissatisfied with the one next to it. Eventually all the handrails, and a few steps were replaced.

Next came the staining. What a job that was. Where are the day laborers when you need them? But seriously, he did a beautiful job.

This was after he pressure washed the deck, but before he stained it. The little stand the plant and cat are on was the weathered color of our deck.

In this pic, the rails are stained but not the floor of the deck. I think Bill would rather get a root canal than stain all those rails again.

Here, all the rails are done, but the floor has not been done.

Here is the same shot, with the deck floor stained.

In this pic you can better see the color of the deck.

This is almost the same pic as the beginning, minus the little wooden stand. Sometimes I can hardly believe that's my deck when I see it. Wonder if someone out there would like to make it their deck????

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