Monday, April 16, 2012

This Past Week At My House....

This past week at my house was actually pretty quiet. Well, quiet for my family. However we did have time together at Julie and Tommy's house after church on Easter Sunday.

All four kids were together for the first time since Christmas.

Miss Cassidy was as cute as ever.

It's always nice when we get to see Susan. She is so busy that months will go by before we will see her again.

No ham dinner for us! We had a half-bushel of delicious crabs.

Susan bought her triplets with her...(you didn't expect complete normalcy did you??) She has been bottle feeding 3 kittens abandoned by the mother cat, since they were three days old. They are now one month old.

Who doesn't love kittens? (Yes, Cassidy changed her outfit).

Kitty wanted to play peek-a-boo with her mommy....

Julie made this cute cake from an idea she found on Pinterest. What is Easter without peeps?

Games were played, kittens were fed and held, and everyone had fun. Even Lily, the golden retriever, had her Easter dinner.

Have a great week!

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