Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Queen Cat Meets The Outsider Cat


It has been quite awhile since I've written a blog post. Things in my territory have been going smoothly. Then, as it happens, my life changed without my permission. Pull up a chair, put your Noncat feet up, and let me tell you a story about a feline I like to refer to as "The Outsider Cat."

Now, this particular feline reminds me of myself. I was an outside feral cat in my youth, before I became The Queen Cat of this Noncat Territory. I first spotted this feline outside my territory last summer.

She was a scrawny little thing. I didn't worry too much about her as long as she didn't cross into my inside territory. She was soon taken away by a Noncat and I thought that was the end of that kitty-cat story....

But the other day as I was patrolling my territory, I saw something out of the ordinary.... and those ears do not belong to a Noncat....believe me, I know.

I went on "Full-Alert" ready for battle if needed..

Who had invaded my territory? It was The Outsider Cat!

I flexed my claws, and showed her the full might of my imposing strength, expecting her to tuck tail and run. (It looked much more impressive in person. Think of the Praying Mantis from The Karate Kid, only in feline form)

The Outsider Cat did not run. Had I finally found a cat that was worthy of my attention? I told her to lie down and show me her belly so I would know she was submissive to me. She quickly complied with my request.

Having not met a feline that was worthy of my time, I decided to give her a few basic commands to see if she was truly understanding that I was in control. She followed them willing.

"Queen Cat says, hug and kiss the wooden post."

"Queen Cat says, THINK FAST."

"Queen Cat says, smile pretty."

"Hmmm, The Queen Cat may just smile pretty too. Next I will give her lessons on eating like a Queen Cat and see how she does. I just may have found a feline that is worthy of my time."

Until then, I shall watch her every move. The Queen Cat does not trust automatically. It shall be earned...slowly, oh so slowly.

To Be Continued........

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