Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rebellion in the Garden....

I always suspected that homesteading would never work for me. First, my fear of bugs was a clue. Second, death of animals just tears me up inside. Third, I can follow all the rules for gardening, and still not produce much. As a witness to this, let's look at my squash:

Here is the pitiful squash patch I planted. Granted, sunshine was a problem, but it's not as if the sun was covered with sackcloth. Still, the squash had "Failure to Thrive" but I was proactive about it...

I moved 8 of the best looking plants to new soil, up on the deck. If I was expecting appreciation and squash...well, I will starve waiting for either one of those things.

These plants are now huge, taking over all available space. They are without a doubt, the largest and most useless squash plants I have ever seen.

Two plants have produced one baby squash a piece. Six plants have been fed and watered, and are just freeloading off of me. For all their showy, magnificence, they are no more useful to me than snow boots in the summer.

This is the last remaining plant from the original squash patch. I have neither watered, nor fed this plant, and it hasn't produced any squash either...hmmmm

I'm not my cucumber plant trying to imitate a watermelon??

My sweet potato vine is now sprouting purple flowers. Is this normal?

I feel like I have a garden full of teenagers. The plants are all acting out, and not doing what they are suppose to do. I've nurtured them from little sprouts, and now I don't recognize them at all. They better get on the ball...Fall is coming!!

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