Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I find myself aggravated by common citizens......

I usually try to extend common courtesies to my fellow human beings. I smile and greet, I help if they need it, I even ask if they could use some help. But I must say something is really jerking my chain lately. lt's the people who cannot be bothered to put the shopping cart back into the proper receptacle after they've loaded their car. I've seen them just let them go, and even laugh about the carts hitting other cars. Would they give the same chuckle if the carts hit their own cars while they are inside the store shopping? At one point, as a cart was heading my way, I had to catch it, return it to the proper place, while exclaiming "loudly" that "this is where the cart belongs, it's not that hard, have a little consideration for others." I'm not even talking about the elderly or women with small children, these instances were young moms, with teenage sons. What are they teaching the next generation about responsibility and courtesy. Look out for number 1 and don't worry about anyone else? How rude is this world going to get?????

I long to live in a society where each person cares for the other. Where everyone doesn't just look out for themselves. Or blindly follow a leader, but rather judge, based on merits, whether he's doing a good job. Where government gets smaller, and small businesses get larger, where the private sector jobs are increasing 2 to 1 over government jobs instead of the other way around. Where tax cuts are the norm, and spread the wealth is a slogan we laugh about because of the absurdity of it, because the norm is each person, working to better themselves and their farmily, expecting no hand-outs from anyone.

Anyway because that is a foolish pipe dream at this time, I thought I'd show you a van I saw driving down the road. It is going 55 miles an hour so the pic is not that clear. It was all covered with polka dots and the back window had this written in it:


The woman looked to be close to sixty, and I don't know what the problem was, but she was driving that polka dot van for all it's worth! A disgruntled employee for sure, I hope she wasn't married to him.

Now this is my good service is hard to find pic. I was dining at Red Robin and ordered a freckled lemonade. The drink arrived looking very appetizing, but upon closer inspection, it looked as if the employee couldn't be bothered to remove the barcode sticker from the lemon. Doesn't anyone pay attention to details anymore?


  1. omgosh! When did you go to red robin? Well hopefully atleast that means it was a fresh lemon!!

  2. Ha ha, so true. I went for a couple of dinners with Marie. It was sooo good, but too expensive for every week.