Monday, August 9, 2010

This Past Week at My House..........

I thought I'd begin with what went right at my house this past week. I had a visit from my very beautiful granddaughter. She is growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. She is truly a delight to my heart.

My retired husband Bill had worked on our deck all week long. He started with pressure washing it. Apparently it isn't suppose to be the color of gray ash. It took him a total of three washings but eventually it was clean enough to think about staining it. But first he has to replace some of the boards that have cracked. Its' turned out to be quite a project. I will post some pics of the finished deck when he's done. This pic is before it's stained. The floor was still wet, but you can see the difference in color between what the plant is sitting on versus the rails behind it.

Okay, this mediterranean diet is just not for me. I went shopping and bought lots of produce and olives and hummus. I felt very international. I could just see myself walking in the open markets of Greece, my long gray hair tied back in a ponytail, flowing, flowered skirt and leather thong sandals. But the reality of nuts, olives, and hummus was too much to bear. Or else it was the lack of diet soda. I was teaching on Saturday and when I saw that my students all had sodas I felt tears well up in my eyes and I had to call for a 10 minute break. Plus without going into all the gory details, I'm pretty sure that instead of a yellow scrunchie, I used an old pair of Cassidy's Dora the Explorer underwear to tie back my hair that day.

My daughter Susan, who is an avocado nut, was thrilled with this diet. It's okay if she could always be there to prepare something for me, but left on my own, I couldn't figure out what to make for a meal. Plus, one serving of bread a day just wasn't enough. By Sunday I was fluctuating between anger and tears. I wouldn't even go to Bible Study that night because I couldn't trust myself to behave.

This was a sandwich I made with my one serving of bread. It was 2 ozs. of chicken, spinach, and tomatoes. Pretty, but not that filling.

This was my dinner on the last night of the diet. It is avocado, red onion, tomatoes, feta cheese, and red wine vinegar. Susan made it. It was really good, but I actually thought it was the appetizer.

This is the naan bread you dip it in. That's it...Sorry, but I guess I'm a fat American. I can't just graze and pretend I had a meal.

So now I feel like the lady in the commerical where the hospital gurney is following her everywhere she goes. Bill asked what I was going to tell the Lifestyle Coach when I see her again. I told him I wasn't going back. I've decided to leave my toxins undisturbed for awhile.

I started back on Weight Watchers today. The 6 point sub I had for lunch was much more filling than three feta cheese stuffed olives.

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