Friday, January 16, 2009

Not a candle person

So many people love candles. Most of the time when I get a gift from someone at church, it's a candle of some kind. I don't really burn candles. I'm always afraid I'll forget about it and burn the house down. For years I was paranoid with my teenage daughters as they would go in their rooms, lock the door and light candles. I just knew it would start a fire. So, I'm not a candle person.

However, I'm married to one. Every night he lights every candle he can find. Remember all those gifts I mentioned? Just so you don't think he's a romantic and I'm not, he read somewhere that a candle helps heat a room. Yes, I'm married to a frugal man, and there's nothing wrong with that. But, I'm in the livingroom and I smell cranberries, cinnamon, apple pie, and lemons. The kitchen is full of vanilla, pine trees, and mulberries. These smells all mixed up just make me nauseous. I'll blow them out and when I walk in the rooms again, they are all magically lit up again. Oh well....

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